Welcome to State of our Community

The State of our Community (SOC) movement is an opportunity to be proactive, positive, and prolific in your community.  The SOC movement began on October 1, 2011 with a Youth Rally focusing on the impact that the media has on the minds of our youth.  Also, our featured speakers for this event were Nicholas Oldham, John "TT" Davis, Trent Ogilvie, and Chris Poynter.  The keynote address was delivered by Mr. Reggie Bullock, producer of War for Your Soul, who encouraged the audience to never give up and always respect yourself because your life depends on it.

After the intial beginning, Chris Poynter and Rev. Trent Ogilvie embarked upon a discovery mission to understand the State of our Community.  This include numerous listening and dialogue sessions with pastors, community leaders, business owners, social/civic clubs, political officials, and community service agencies.  This six month experience led to an awakening with these individuals.  After listening to the voices from within the community, they discovered that the correct assessment of the State of our Community begins with a realistic understanding of the assets, issues, and dreams that each individual possesses within the community and how to leverage this power toward positive change.  There were too many people waiting on change to happen for them instead of taking the responsibility to be the change that they seek. 

After these enlightening events, Chris Poynter and Rev. Trent Ogilvie clearly outlined and articulated a holistic vision for our collective "united" community.  This vision included a renewed focus and energy toward positive, practical solutions to address many deep rooted issues that adversely affects the men, women, and children in the African American community.  The top three issues facing our community based upon real world research are ECONOMICS, EDUCATION, and personal EMPOWERMENT.  This website will reveal the research and the relevant solutions offered to change our (weiji) from the greatest crisis into our greatest opportunity.  The SOC family has collectively decided that we cannot do everything, but DOING NOTHING IS NOT AN OPTION!  We hope that you join the movement to make a positive difference and change the State of our Community. Thank you for visiting our website.